Know how to get property valuation in melbourne

Know how to get property valuation in melbourne

Jill Faccinto, who began buying and selling homes in the late 1990s, said the recent boom has been “a great ride. It was pretty easy money,” she said, noting her income has been increasing annually about 25 percent for the past several years.

how to get property valuation in melbourne

Until now, the Carmichael agent has relied on referrals from previous clients to generate business. But recently, Faccinto said she’s starting to canvass neighborhoods, knock on doors, send out mass mailings and even remind the parents of her children’s friends that she’s available if they know someone looking to buy or sell.

“I’m actually looking forward to really working again,” Faccinto said.

Some real estate newcomers also are finding it difficult. Alison Walker, for instance, took her licensing exam in late 2004 – back when the California Department of Real Estate was so overwhelmed by hundreds of eager test-takers that it had to move the local exam site from a small classroom to the Sacramento Convention Center.

Looking for a career change, Walker retired from an administrative job in the state Legislature and began working as a full-time real estate agent in August. She has yet to take home a sales commission.

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